General description
Total area 13.500 m2
Manufacturing area 5010 m2
Storage area 5010 m2
Office area 700 m2
Workshop I und II 1120 m2
Workshop III 520 m2
Workshop IV 430 m2 *
Workshop V 1090 m2 **
Croatian Workshop 1600 m2
Lifting height 7,5 m
Employees 50

* for stainless steel grades
** chipping area equipped with 2 x 10-t- cranes

Description Brand Performance data
4 x Overhead travelling cranes Abus 16 MP
Trimming Press Voest 400 MP 4 m
Plate shear Amada 13 mm, 4 m
Plasma cuttin maschine (CAM) ESAB Steel Plates 80 mm up to 20 mm submerged
Oxy-fuel cutting machine (CAM) ESAB Cutting size 3 x 12 m
Round bending machine HAEUSLER 3 m/40 mm
Ring bending machine Henry Pels Flange 60/15
Circular saw Metora Ø 400 Diameter of sawing plate
Sawing machine Behringer Cutting size Ø 300
Box column drill lnfratirea MK 3
Radial drilling machine Frejoth MK 4
Welding machines Fronius, Kemppi misc.
Truck Steyr Net load 7,5 t
Forklift Linde 7 t
Milling, boring and chiping
Description Brand Performance data
Turning lathe CNC Voest-Steinel Spindle distance 2000/ Swing radius 280 mm
Center lathe CNC Voest DA 250 Spindle distance 1500/ Swing radius 200 mm
Center lathe CNC Pernik Spindle distance 3000/ Swing radius 400 mm (drilling/milling)
Heavy machinery
Description Brand Performance data
Vertical lathe Frowig Chuck Ø 3100 mm, Turning diameter 3400 mm, Turning length 2000 mm
Vertical lathe CNC Toshulin Chuck Ø 2100 mm (rotating tools – chipping and milling center)
Table type horizontal boring mill CNC Tos WHQ 105 Table size 2000 x 2000, Siemens control, Travels 3500 mm, Y-2500, Z-1250
Table type horizontal boring mill CNC Tos WHQ 13.8 Table size 1800 x 2200, Haidenhain control, Travels 3500 mm, Y-2500, Z-1250
Floor type horizontal boring mill CNC Tos WHD 130 X=10.000 mm, Y-3000 mm, Z-1500