Stripping Columns

Increasing requirements on purity of gas and wastewater streams from industrial processes demand for innovative technological solutions. We provide cost-efficient, high-quality overall concepts for your specific needs.

Reference Project: Turnkey Stripping Unit (430.000 t/year)

Implementation of a turnkey stripping unit for the purification of organic heavily loaded wastewater streams. The column has an annual capacity of 430,000 tonnes. The COD- value has been significantly reduced to 300mg/l. The decisive reason was the development of a highly-efficient and cost effective  process to perfectly meet the requirements of the customer.

Scope of Supply and Services:

  • Process Development
  • Process Simulation
  • Basic and Detail Engineering
  • HAZOP- Study
  • Calculation and manufacturing of plant equipment in in-house production shop
  • EI&C- Technology
  • Erection
  • Commissioning
  • Training of customers’ operating personnel
  • Authority Engineering

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