Columns are used in chemical, oil and petrochemical industry for separating liquid and/or gaseous mixtures due to their chemical and physical properties. In rectification (distillation) different products are separated by using the different boiling points of the components. In extraction and absorption separation is achieved due to their different physical and chemical affinity to the solvent.

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Rectification columns
  • Absorption columns
  • Extraction columns
  • Stripping columns

For special applications we also supply columns for reactive distillation and extraction.

As plant engineering company our know-how is not limited to manufacturing of columns: IAF provides complete plants, starting from storage tanks, condensers and reboilers, product and reflux pumps, process control, analytics up to turnkey completion. A further important area includes revamps, in order to significantly increase the capacity of your columns: We have experience with column-internals of all major producers (Sulzer, Montz, Koch-Glitsch, Raschig, VVF and so on). We are even able to handle complex plant expansions due to our expertise starting from process simulation and cost-effectiveness analysis up to full-service from shut-down to start-up.