Exhaust Gas Treatment

Exhaust gas from industrial processes is often substantially contaminated with pollutants. We plan and implement plants for the purification of industrial waste gases by means of:

  • absorptive gas purification
  • catalytic flue gas purification
  • thermal flue gas purification
  • electrostatic precipitator (ESP)

Reference Project: Catalytic Air Purification (VOC)

  • Plant for removal of organic pollutants from waste air streams by catalytic oxidation
  • Advantages: Low energy costs, no Formation of NOx

Scope of Supply and Services:

  • Turnkey plant

Reference Project: Ammonia Recovery Plant

  • NH3 distillation column (Economical recovery of saleable Ammonia 25 wt.-%)
  • NH3 exhaust air scrubber: Absorption scrubber working with water only -> no chemical additives required, no waste water
  • NH3 concentration in waste air compliant with environmental regulations (<TA Luft)!

Scope of Supply and Services:

  • Basic engineering and plant design
  • Process simulation
  • Heat exchanger & apparatus construction
  • Project management
  • Operator training & commissioning
  • Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
  • Authorities Engineering