Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

In times when water is already scarce we have to have a considerate handling with this resource. Air is used for cooling in many industrial processes. Air is not corrosive, it is free and unlimited available and after utilization as coolant air must not be costly purified or disposed. Drawback is the worse heat transfer coefficient of air which can be compensated by means of enormously increasing the heat transfer area with fins (stuck, milled or welded).The main factors influencing the size of an air-cooled heat exchanger are ambient temperature, product temperature and sound insulation requirements. IAF does not provide air-cooled heat exchangers off-the-shelf. Every single plant is individually designed according to customer’s needs. We especially focus on low-cost operation of the plant together with high availability.

Our heat exchangers are utilized in different sectors:

  • energy technology
  • evaporation plants
  • petrochemical industry
  • paper industry


Product lines:

  • dry cooling
  • dry condensation
  • indirect dry cooling


Types of construction:

  • roof construction (mainly used for vacuum applications)
  • V- construction (low space requirement)
  • horizontal bundle (simplest design/ significantly higher space requirements)